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Learn How Considering These 5 Aspects While Choosing The Right BIM Service Provider Will Majorly Contribute In Cost Savings

Gone are the days when we had a handful of BIM service providers available. Today, there’s no dearth of them; just google it and you’ll be poured in with zillions of search results. While there’s no doubt about it when the providers promise to offer quick turn-around time at competitive prices, there still remains a few things that need to be ticked before proceeding with the ‘BIM Service Provider.’


Stated are the five aspects that will help you in identifying the best BIM service provider, which will save you a significant amount of money.



Check their experience in the construction industry


Intuitively, ‘a decade long of experience’ represents excellence. And you can expect good quality work from these BIM consulting companies.

But ‘experience’ cannot individually be the deciding factor, hence you will have to dig further and understand things on a deeper level.



Thoroughly check the service provider’s portfolio


This requires meticulous efforts but is worth investing!

To start with, first, check for the past projects and case studies through the company’s website. Inspect all the projects that claim to be successfully delivered.

Later, get in touch with the manager or anyone in the team who can readily make the portfolio available to you. Having said that, your job does not end here; you will need to thoroughly examine the portfolio.

Check for various sectors they have collaborated with, for instance, hospitality, healthcare, industrial, educational, commercial, etc.

Look into detail and try to understand how the service provider tackled the concern pertaining to making provision for complex equipment like air ventilation, waste treating facility, etc.

When you consider these factors, you can guarantee efficient work coming your way. This cuts down on errors in design and construction, thereby saving money- which otherwise would have gone in purchasing wrong materials in the wrong quantities



Strike the deal on the agreement basis


The AEC project is bound to undergo revisions. Therefore, it becomes of utmost importance for the service provider to be able to coordinate with the client’s team. Usually, a reputed company that offers BIM consulting services will never have hidden charges applied, they will be upfront with their charges based on the services they provide.

Ensure that the charges/fees are included in revisions as a part of their offer. Only this way, you will save yourself from bearing the extra charges.



Connect with the clients who have worked with them


It is always a good idea to check with clients who are currently or previously have had worked with the service provider you intend to work with. People working in your contact sphere can give you genuine feedback and expedite your decision-making.

You can probe how the company works in terms of execution and timely completion of projects. Doing so will pretty much help you draw a conclusion of the company’s capability and its adherence to the targeted timelines.

Connecting to them can help you understand how their ‘cost agreement system works’ and ‘how genuine they are with their invoices and overall billing process.’



Latest technology coupled with accredited software


Over the years, BIM software has gone through a few evolutions. It is always recommended to verify if your service provider uses the latest BIM software and tools, this way you can be assured to expect accurate work. Checking for accreditation of the BIM software is like a cherry on the top; for instance ‘Autodesk’ guarantees authenticity. This reassures that your money is parked in a genuine company that uses authentic and trusted software for getting the work done.





The growing population demands sustainable & efficient residential or commercial projects. And BIM has so far proved its potential to create a lasting and cost-saving impact on these projects.

Since many companies present themselves as the most efficient BIM service providers, it becomes imperative to check the credentials of such companies. Doing so also gives a great opportunity to compare how effectively these companies can help you save your money.



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